We help our clients
maximize their

customer experience,
sales and leadership.

The three Kulmia angles: Development, Recruitment and Research
as well as Success and Growth are put into practice in everyday life.

At Kulmia we focus on what really matters: Helping your business to develop in the areas of customer experience, sales and leadership.

We have a unique way of combining information, interpretation and implementation to achieve the best results where the business happens – in everyday operations. For each case we carefully choose the best tools available: Research, Development or Recruitment.

Our experienced professionals are able to put themselves in your position to identify the areas in need of development and to define how your business goals can be reached. And, if necessary, we’ll wipe off the dust from your old practices and define new, more functional practices together.

Working with Kulmia will transform your day-to-day practices in a well-defined and easy to understand manner.


Success and growth are put into practice in everyday life

We at Kulmia are experts in sales, leadership and customer experience development. We help companies understand their clients and refine their operations, so that everyone adopts new, practical and goal-oriented working practices. We get the entire organization to make the change happen.

Kulmia Group Oy

Insights will revolutionize your chances

Kulmia Insight is a customer and personnel experience, sales and leadership research company. We help to understand customers, personnel and company culture as well as sales. We plan the research methods the needs of each organization and draw meaningful conclusions from the findings to support your everyday business.

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Leader selection that gives you a competitive edge

Kulmia Leaders is a recruitment company specialized in executive search and management assessment. We have extensive knowledge of trade, industry, healthcare, as well as service and the financial sectors. We aim to find the most capable leaders to execute our clients’ business strategies and cultures.

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”We recommend Kulmia for leadership development and personnel assessments based on our own experience. It is great that competence and learning methods are also developed by virtual training.”

Susanna Tainio, VP, Recruitment and HR Development, Metsä Group

Metsä Group
”Kulmia’s trainings move quickly to practicing. You receive constructive feedback and the right operating models are practiced. The trainings are conducted with professionalism and experience.”

Taru Keronen, Managing Director, Eckerö Line Oy

Eckerö Line