Kulmia Group Oy’s privacy policy has been drawn in accordance with Personal Data Act (10 and 24 §) and EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Created by Kulmia Group Oy 3.8.2020.

Register controller

Kulmia Group Oy (business ID 1890834-0), Firdonkatu 2 T 62, 00520 Helsinki.

Register contact person

Iivo Kerminen iivo.kerminen@kulmia.fi, tel. +358 400 889 197. In register related matters, please contact us through email.

Name of the register

Kulmia Group Oy’s marketing and client register.

Purpose of personal data processing

Management, development and controlling of customer relationships and other relevant contacts, business planning, analysis, development and marketing of the register controller.

In addition, the partners of the register controller may hold the right with certain restrictions to use the data for the aforementioned matters in their own business related purposes, for example, development and implementation of different joint services, concepts and business models. Collecting of personal data is based on the consent of the registered, client contract or customer relationship management, customer feedback execution, legislation or the legitimate interest of Kulmia Group Oy.

Data content of the register

Name of the client, company and business ID, title or profession, company address, work phone number and work email address.

Regular sources of information

The data in the register is mainly obtained from the registered him/herself via phone, email, in meetings and in different events. In addition, we collect data from public sources (for example company websites, LinkedIn), newsletters and referees when necessary. We can also purchase marketing lists.

Personal data storage period

We store the personal data as long as it is adequate regarding our client assignments.

Register protection principles

Only persons participating in Kulmia Group Oy’s assignments have the access rights to the register and the access to the registers is protected with strong authentication. All data is located in EU/ETA area.

Regular disclosure of information

Data is not disclosed to external parties.

Data transfer outside EU or EEA

Register data is not transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Rights of the registered

By law the registered is entitled to:

Ask the register controller for access to his/her personal data.
Ask for correction, removal or restriction to the data processing.
The registered is also entitled to reject the processing and transfer the data from one system to another.
Withdraw his/her consent on data storage.
The registered is also entitled to make a complaint of recognised grievances to the surveillance authority.

We ask to send inspection requests, data correction or removal requests personally
and in written format to iivo.kerminen@kulmia.fi.